Doesn’t Suit Me

300px-french_suitssvgI had registered for a local career fair on the day that Learning Tree decided that I was a leafless branch that needed to be cut. In preparation for the event, I used up most of the credit I had on my Wal-Mart card to buy a new outfit, one that I could readily use for any subsequent interviews that would (hopefully) follow.

I stayed up last night and printed some resumes, filled out some paperwork, and got mostly everything in order. Despite it all, I still wasn’t mentally prepared for the jobless cattle call that wait for me.

Part of what brought me down was the prospect of having to wear a suit–or at last a suit jacket–for the fair and, quite possibly, for the job I may have gotten as a result of my interviews. As I had mentioned in yesterday’s post, I don’t dress to the nines very often. I absolutely hate it and when I do, somebody had better be in a coffin or walking down the aisle. (One in the same, some might argue.)

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