Greatly Exaggerated

To quote Mark Twain, the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

I decided that after the dreadful week we had, I needed some time away from the blog to unwind and prepare myself for my new job which, at least after the first 5 days, isn’t too bad. That should explain my lack of posts–my brain was pretty much fried by Friday, expecially after sitting so close to the stage for Depeche Mode’s Hollywood Boulevard performance.

Either way, great show. And give a great, big hand to Ann who, even with her bad back, stood for at least 7 hours and didn’t complain once. I knew she hurt but she didn’t even whimper. She definitely earned her Mars bar.

In addition to all that, we had to contend with some credit card companies this week so that we wouldn’t end up in court (at least for one of them). Listen, people. If you have a credit card that’s nearly maxed out and / or you’re behind on payments, do not–repeat DO NOT–consult one of those debt settlement companies. We did and while at first we saw some positive results, we soon realized how expensive those actions were. Not cheap at all. We ended up calling the card companies ourselves and got all of the balances reduced–one went from $1,200 to $400, cheaper than anything the debt settlement company could do. If you’re willing to settle the debt and have the money, the card companies will work with you. In fact, we settled more in 3 days than this company did in 6 months. Pretty sad–and it didn’t get charged up the yin yang for it.

At any rate, there you go. I have to go and make my lunch for tomorrow and leave early since I will be riding my bike to work–and I couldn’t be happier. And for shit’s sake, don’t fall into the media trap about swine flu! Yes, people will die from it and while unfortunate, this strain is no more dangerous than that of the typical flu

Oh, and also note that because I don’t have a computer (or a desk for the matter) just yet, I am not checking my e-mail at lunch or during breaks. They will have to wait until I get home, usually just after 4:30.

I’m outta here for the night. Keep the faith, brothas!


4 thoughts on “Greatly Exaggerated

  1. Riding your bike to work, eh? You athletic person, you. LOL I’m glad you were able to work out your credit card debt as that can be such a hassle. I have one Amex card and one store card (Kohl’s) and that’s it. And believe me, that’s enough.

    By the way, I finally got my blog working on my domain. Stop by and leave me a comment telling me what you think. It’s at Woo Hoo!


    1. I wouldn’t consider myself athletic but I’m sure not as lazy as I used to
      be! I may start riding each day to work in an effort to save about $70/month
      in gas money. It’ll add up for sure.
      Yeah, the credit card thing was unbelievable. I want my money back from that
      company now. I think we’re only down to a few ourselves and plan to keep it
      that way.

      Congrats on getting the domain working. Cool stuff. Heading over there now!


  2. Debt settlement companies are just awful.They take your money and sometimes don’t pay who you owe.
    But never settle a debt with a creditor unless they mark it paid in full.Other wise what ever is the balance they report it as income and you have to pay taxes on it at the end of the year.If you have a balance of $4,000 and they offer to take $1,500 to settle it,the rest is unpaid and is income.It sucks,but they can do it.


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