Close But No Cigar

If there’s anything good about going for walks or getting around in general, it’s that you can come across a bunch of cool stuff. “Dumpster diving” as it were. When I rode my bike to that last shithole of a job I had, I came across my share of street reflectors that had come loose … Continue reading Close But No Cigar

Take That, Barney!

I’ve gotten into the habit of walking during my lunch lately because, let’s face it, The People’s Court hasn’t been the same since Judge Wapner and Rusty left. That’s what I’d usually watch that after consuming my lunch but this week I’ve gotten fitness on the brain and can’t seem to sit still during lunch, … Continue reading Take That, Barney!


Spellcheck!, originally uploaded by aeromat. From the Phone-Cam: With backers like this, it's no wonder why McCain lost!

What A Party!

There are reasons why I always carry my camera with me to work. While my phone-cam definitely works in a pinch, there are times when I want to shoot something at a higher resolution than my phone is capable of. It is a phone after all. Yesterday while walking to the train I happened upon … Continue reading What A Party!

Can You Still Love

I saw this sign standing off the dirt path beneath the MTA Green Line's Mariposa Ave. station during my daily walk. I tried to figure out what it meant or why it was even there, but I later chose not to read into its literal meaning and analyze the philosophical aspect instead: Can you still … Continue reading Can You Still Love