MJ Memorial

Watching @ work. Damn near cried after his daughter spoke. Very moving.



4 thoughts on “MJ Memorial

    1. Lady, you forget who I work for. You should see the poor grammar/misspellings on some of the ads they let get through. It’s truly sad, and Bob the Angry Flower would not approve. I’d post some of them (because I took phone-cam shots of my favorites) but I can’t really do it without exposing the advertiser. I might blog about some of my favorites but with text only. And yes, that girl tore me up, too. I know what it’s like to be in front of Dad’s casket knowing you’ll never see him again. It’s tough and my heart goes out to her.


  1. With the exception of Al Shapton,I thought it was an amazing service.The music will always be with us and will still make us smile and dance but also sad knowing he is gone.It was hard not to cry hearing the music done by others and remembering what it meant to us growing up.Bless those kids.


    1. There were a few moments that were better than others, like Usher breaking down while singing “Gone Too Soon” or Jermaine singing “Smile.” Those really got to me. Brooke Shields’ personal account of her friendship was touching and Magic Johnson’s story about the chicken was hilarious. Gone too soon, but the music and memories will live on indeed.


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