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My inbox has been inundated lately with what appear to be innocent, hey-let’s-be-buddies-and-exchange-links queries. The truth is the owners of these so-called “blogs” are trying to get something for nothing by pushing their sites wherever possible, namely blogs. And it pisses me off.

So why do these queries turn your old pal Dave into a big green monster?

Because I do this for free. You reading that, you free ad-seeking assholes? I get paid nothing to blog. I do this for my own entertainment and for the enjoyment of my thousands of two loyal readers. My wallet doesn’t get lined with every entry I post. In fact, it costs me money for the domain name and domain mapping, money I barely have these days now that I’m bringing home half of what I used to make. Shit, I still haven’t renewed my Flickr account because I don’t have the extra $25 to spend on that at the moment.

So if you’re one of the many that have attempted to submit such a request, or plan on doing it, please read the following:

Holographic Meatloaf is, and always will be*, an ad-free blog. There are reasons.

  • Outside of an occasional blurb somewhere on a page but not within the text of the entry, WordPress does not allow advertising on their blogs. Any (AdSense) ads you may see on my blog are under the control of WordPress; this helps keep my blog hosting free.
  • WordPress does not support JavaScript so even if I wanted to run some AdSense ads, I couldn’t.

Now don’t get me wrong here, guys. I have no problem mentioning a product name for the sake of a review, good or bad. That’s because there are no products or services paying my bills–literally. I’m free to say whatever the fuck I want, how I want, about any-fucking-thing I want without feeling any repercussions. And that’s the real beauty of blogging.

So please, if you are one of those fools trying to pass off your site as some kind of bogus blog, don’t bother to contact me to “exchange links,” okay, brah? I won’t even reply anymore; I’ll just delete your e-mail. I’m one broke motherfugger right now and it’s no fun. You can’t get blood from a stone, people.

This rule also applies to not-for-profit organizations. I got an e-mail a while back for some organization that helped kids or something, and while I felt that their hearts were truly in the right place and the cause was truly worthwhile, I didn’t think that placing a banner or icon for the organization on my template would be appropriate considering the sometimes questionable topics and profanity-laden contents of my blog.

So there. That’s all done for. For my next post, I will review what could probably be one of the Worst. Products. Evar. Seriously, this has to be the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever put together, and I wouldn’t wish the assembly process on my worst enemy.

Rant over. Off to bed!

*Unless some fool offers me truckloads of money for the domain or the site, in which case I’m gonna say “Fuck it!” and let them do whatever the Hell the want!

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6 thoughts on “Ad-Free Blogging

  1. Why you dirty, little potty-mouth. Very good post and my sentiments exactly. I recently did a post about POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice. They sent me a free 6 pack. I was happy to try it and was able to give a somewhat favorable review because I was able to use them in a martini. (Actually a modified Cosmopolitan) And I will give favorable reviews to anything that can turn into a tasty martini. I get ad requests and I just delete them. Treat em like junk email cause that’s what they really are.


  2. Surely you would be interested in helping to get the word out of my innovative new product, the Hide-a-Ho ™…


  3. You’re a better guy than I am. (Well, that’s in part because I’m not a guy, but I digress.)

    I’d freaking LOVE to get ads on my site. Nothing obnoxious, but just a few Hamiltons or Grants (dare to dream!) to stuff into a savings account would be awesome.

    I’m thisclose to making up a child so I can get on the Mommy Blog gravy train. 😉


    1. Yeah, a few dead presidents would be cool, but by other means. Ads seem to cheapen the whole blogging experience and while I do realize I push quite a few products on my weight loss blog, they are not paying me to do so. The South Beach Living people sent some samples for me to review and they got reviewed alright: some favorable, some not. Does WM know you want to fabricate a fictitious child for your own personal gain? 😉


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