Passing the Torch

dictionaries-lores As if you hadn’t figured it out by now, your ol’ pal Dave fancies himself a writer. Hell, I even got paid for doing it a few years ago when I haphazardly pieced together articles about artificial turf, granite countertops, and other topics of the most uninteresting nature.

My love for words came to me at an early age, and it was all because of the books you see on the left (and yes, those are the actual books and not a stock photo). Call me a nerd or whatever but as a kid, I spent any spare time I had with my face buried in the pages of either one of those books, absorbing and digesting all the information I could. So much time, in fact, that the letter tabs on either volume of those dictionaries became worn over the years—even the XYZ section.

From grade school through adulthood, those World Book Dictionaries were my source to the world of words, spelling, and pronunciation. If not for them I probably wouldn’t be such a Grammar Nazi, have my own blog, get jobs as a proofreader and writer, or even be remotely interested in written communication. Then again, I might have had a real job by now, too.

But I digress. Either way I’m glad I spent the time with those books, two volumes of wordy goodness that I simply could not do without.

And yesterday, I let them go.

As I explained their significance, I tearfully yet confidently passed them down to The Kid in the hopes that, even in this world of let’s-Google-it-and-see-what-it-means, their worn and sometimes dog-eared pages will stir his imagination and open his mind to the endless possibilities that await him in his budding academic journey.

Here’s hoping that he gets just as much use out of these dictionaries that I did, and that he wows his classmates with his etymological prowess.

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