The Dullard

First of all, I moved our backup XP-based computer from the garage back into the house. It’s a little slow but at least the damn thing works. Now onto the rest.

Ask anyone about me and you’re bound to get the same answer: I’m pretty normal. Yes, I crack an occasional joke and enjoy making people laugh—or at least try as the contents of this blog would seem to indicate.

I’m a dullard. There’s no doubt about it. And I’ve been that way for a majority, if not all, of my 40 years of life on this ball of confusion. To take things even further, consider the following statistics:

Taking into account all of the aforementioned stats, I began to wonder if I’d continue to live as my dull self into my Golden Years. And taking the weight loss aspect into consideration, it’s simple to say that physically, I’m not the same person I was over 4 years ago.

Then there’s the goatee which I chose to let grow this year. A big change for me since, when I was fat, I could never grow one. Too much face fat or something. So yes, losing 1/3 of my body weight and the addition of facial hair definitely made a difference but I needed to do just one more thing.

So what exactly did I do? Something I had been considering for quite some time now.


Yes, it seems that the whole Midlife Crisis thing—I have outlived the great John Lennon by a little over 200 days—is starting to have an affect on me for as you can see, today I got my ears pierced. And yes, plural. It was the same price, so why not?

So that’s that. At 40, I finally did something I thought I’d never do.

And it feels damn good.

And how can I forget this:


Congrats to my Dodgers for clinching a spot in the playoffs. It’s been one Hell of a season so far, guys. Let’s keep it going!

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2 thoughts on “The Dullard

  1. Congratulations on the earrings! I had them in the 80’s when I thought that if the “straight” George Michael (LMAO) could have two earrings, then so could little gay me. Hahahahaha


    1. Thanks. It was just something I felt like doing so there ya go. Oh yeah, George Michael. It broke so many girls’ hearts when he came out but every guy’s “gaydar” was off the charts :p Meh, I don’t care. Saw him live last year and he was outstanding.


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