Mozart’s Fist

Inspired by the typo in this article that appeared in the Daily Mail, Mozart’s Fist is my new band name.

“You’re Vacuous…”

I’ve taken it upon myself to begin teaching Anthony some word origins and their definitions along with a few examples of each. And much to my surprise (or perhaps not), he’s taken a liking to it. As it stands, we’ve covered quite a few of the list consisting of over 100 that I could think … Continue reading “You’re Vacuous…”



There was an awards presentation at Anthony's school today which, unfortunately, I had to miss since I'm still working. Not unfortunate in that I'm still employed but that I couldn't be there like so many of his other events in the past. In fact I'm working an extra 5 hours tomorrow, all of which will be … Continue reading Argh…

Proofreader Fail

As I sit at home wondering when I will get the next call from a prospective employer, there is a proofreader somewhere who is failing miserably at what they are supposedly good at doing. Here's proof of that, as seen in today's print edition of the Orange County Register: If there's one word that should never … Continue reading Proofreader Fail

Passing the Torch

As if you hadn’t figured it out by now, your ol’ pal Dave fancies himself a writer. Hell, I even got paid for doing it a few years ago when I haphazardly pieced together articles about artificial turf, granite countertops, and other topics of the most uninteresting nature. My love for words came to me … Continue reading Passing the Torch