The Captain Returns!

I’m in the Captain EO line at Disneyland waiting to get in. Media everywhere and we might get in before 10 am opening time. Haven’t seen anybody dressed like MJ just yet…

UPDATE: The pics are up! Video clips will be later.


4 thoughts on “The Captain Returns!

  1. How did you enjoy Captian EO? Have you already seen it before or it was for the first time today?
    That’s too bad that my home is so far from Disneyland 😦 I’d so love to go there.


    1. It was just how I remembered it but definitely showing its age. It is from the ’80s so a lot of it doesn’t hold up too well now.

      I had seen it more than a few times 20 years ago and was wishing it would come back sometime. I guess it took MJ’s passing to get them to realize “Hey, this could be good for bu$ine$$!”

      We’re about 8 miles from Disneyland. In fact, we can hear the fireworks from our house during the summer 🙂


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