Mozart’s Fist

Inspired by the typo in this article that appeared in the Daily Mail, Mozart’s Fist is my new band name.

Stupid Autocorrect

As seen on a post from the Los Angeles Dodgers Facebook page: Now I don’t know about you but I usually have some urine to spare. And if it helps the Dodgers get back on a winning streak then I’m willing to pee my brains out for that W. But what I don’t get is … Continue reading Stupid Autocorrect


Thrift Shopping

We love thrift shopping. There’s no question about it. Sometimes you find some really cool stuff and other times you wander around aimlessly and just enjoy the selection of garbage on display, garbage that was once brand-spanking-new and hanging on a shelf of an amusement park or carefully selected by a gift-giver for their beloved … Continue reading Thrift Shopping

I Gotta Headache

Much in the way that there are distinct differences in the terms everyday and every day, there also seems to be a difference between gotta and got a. Look, I understand that gotta is a bastardization and not in the dictionary but it seems to be an acceptable term--at least when used correctly. Whereas gotta … Continue reading I Gotta Headache

Not So Fast, Mister

My job as a proofreader is only so in the most academic sense in that I am paid to find and correct mistakes. But the difference between this and previous proofing jobs is that I don’t have the leeway to grab my red pen and start marking up clean copies like crazy. Rather, I have … Continue reading Not So Fast, Mister