I’m Suing Microsoft and Harmonix

hqdefault Way back in March 2008, I wrote an April Fool’s entry about potential Rock Band add-ons. In case you need to have your mind refreshed (or didn’t even know about it in the first place), here’s the link.

Thinking it was just a lame blog entry that would get absolutely no attention, I just let it simmer and wrote a follow-up the next day explaining how bad I thought it was. Turns out that years later, that post is still one of my blog’s most popular entries:

One year later, Microsoft launched their idea of an April Fool’s joke: Alpine Legend, a game which shows gamers playing yodeling and dancing around like fools:

It would have been really funny—if I hadn’t written about it first in 2008:

Harmonix also plans polka yodeling, allowing previously reluctant individuals languishing for oddball octaves lively, spirited dancing all year-round.

Huh. Imagine that. The mind boggles.

Then comes news that Rock Band 3 will be purportedly gaining a keytar, as reported in this Endadget article and teased in the Green Day: Rock Band demo:


Let’s go back to that April Fool’s entry, shall we?

Rock Band’s mature fans will appreciate the Rock Band Wireless Keytar, an exciting addition that will introduce the synth-pop and electronic genres to the game, with music from bands such as Depeche Mode and Devo planned for downloadable content.

Either I’m the Nostradamus of video games or somebody’s been reading that blog post and getting ideas.

So what do you think this’ll get me? A couple of million? A toaster and a few broken baseball bats and a ticket to a minor league game?

I think it’s time to get Larry H. Parker on the horn–no foolin’.



8 thoughts on “I’m Suing Microsoft and Harmonix

  1. It was the obvious next instrument. Whether keyboard keytar it was going to happen. How else am I supposed to accurately reproduce any Flock of Seagulls song without a keytar.


    1. You just need to find one of those Mike Score wigs now. That, or let your hair grow long and style it that way. I think it’s funny that dude is totally bald now.

      But when they introduce the concertina or the flute, then I’m going to get really angry. And you don’t want to see me angry.


  2. I hope it gets you the keys to the castle.

    But chances are you’ll only get a cease and desist order for copyright infringement from your posts.


    1. You’re probably right. That, or they’ll turn around and sue me for something silly. Like living.


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