My Fellow Parents

Perhaps you’re feeling the same way.

Summer is almost over and our son is driving us nuts. Seriously crazy. Practically insane. To top it off, it’s been a rather cool summer up to this point when the temperatures finally began to reach the 90s.

Combine that heat with being home with him all day with little money to do much else and you get the idea. He’s gonna drive me to the Loony Bin.

Which is why I offer you, my fellow parents, this classic Staples commercial from a few years back that subtly sums up how Ann and I are feeling at this very moment.

I hope that makes you feel better or at least gets a laugh from you. Because Lord knows we all need one right now.

Oh, and I was booked for my 5th show tomorrow. I will be playing the role of a teacher for No Ordinary Family, which is filmed at Disney Studios so this might be interesting. And unfortunately, I had to cancel my gig for The Middle on Monday due to a sour stomach. Believe me, I didn’t want to do it but I was having trouble keeping food down and heading to the bathroom often. Not a good situation to be in when filming a TV show.

Speaking of which, I’ve since added all of the shows I’ve worked on to my Local Filming/Background page. I will update as needed.

Gotta go get my wardrobe ready for tomorrow then get to bed. It might be an early morning tomorrow but we were told our call times may be changing when we wake up. So either way, I have to wake up early to see when I need to be at the studios.

Ah, the life of a part-time background actor… πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “My Fellow Parents

    1. Thanks! I tried for “Dexter” tomorrow since it was local (Long Beach) but couldn’t get through.

      And negative on the speaking. I’m not SAG/AFTRA yet so that won’t be happening any time soon nor will my joining either of those unions. There are specific guidelines that must be met and I’m not anywhere near those!


    1. Glad you enjoyed it. There’s supposed to be a cooling trend here in SoCal this week so I’m hoping that’s correct. A little change would be nice.


  1. Yeah, that commercial is funny πŸ™‚
    How was at Disney studios?
    As for Dexter – I yet have to watch the Tv serie, but I’ve read all the four books and there’s a fifth one to be released on September, 7. I’m looking forward to read it, but I must wait until they translate it. Not that I don’t read in English, I do, but I think that Dexter could be a bit difficult for me. (In English have I read Harry Potter books, Twilight Saga, The Wizard of Oz, Moonwalk, The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic… in those are rather common words, but not in Dexter, I think.)


    1. I had already been to Disney Studios as a guest so I already knew where everything was and wasn’t as fascinated as I thought I’d be. I was there to work this time!

      I didn’t even know Dexter was based on a novel! In fact, I’ve never seen the show and if I worked on it, I wouldn’t see the results of my work because I don’t have Showtime. Go figure πŸ™‚


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