Doing It Again

It may not be until October but I’m getting the word out now.

Last year, I rode in the Long Beach Marathon Bike Tour and raised about $300 for Special Olympics of Southern California. It was my first ride and I had a great time doing it and knowing that it was for a great cause.

I’ve already registered for this year’s event and I’m am also doing it for charity: Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, CA. As a father, if there is anything that makes me melt, it’s seeing the little ones in this hospital bravely battle whatever ails them–most with smiles on their faces. I wish I could be as strong as they.

But I can never be, which is why I’m doing the next best thing by raising money to help the hospital care for these courageous children. If you would like to support me, you can donate by going to this page.

Thanks in advance for your support. The kids will appreciate it.

Yo, Adrian!

I had done my 100 sit-ups and headed into the garage to lift some weights and punch the heavy bag.

As always, I brought my iPod with me so that I can listen to some music while I work out. This time, I had it tuned to the ‘80s station on Pandora.

After tuning in, I spent some time grunting and lifting weights. Once done, I stepped away and prepared for the heavy bag.

The second I grabbed my pair of Muhammad Ali boxing gloves, this song starts:

(Note: Sony Music can suck it for disabling embedding for all of their YouTube videos)

I seriously had to stop and catch my breath since I was laughing so hysterically. Really, I couldn’t even punch the damn bag! I tried but only landed soft blows that wouldn’t even hurt a gnat.

So I stopped, focused, let the song continue, and started all over again.

Ten minutes later I raised my hands and proudly exclaimed, “Yo, Adrian! I did it!”

I’m sure the neighbors love me.