Virgin Mobile Has a New Smartphone in the Works

UPDATED 6/21/11: If you really want to end the suspense, you can just skip to this entry to see which phone it is.

Hey, here we go with another smartphone post! Yikes, I’m getting like Engadget or something. NOT!

Virgin Mobile was kind enough to send me a survey the other day in which I was asked about possible names and potential specs on what I would only surmise as being their next smartphone. It says so in the first sentence of the first image 🙂

Below are some screengrabs of the survey, the first of which offers some of the names I had to choose from (click to enlarge):


So as not to influence anybody, I will not post the images of the names I liked the best and least.

That said, here are some of the specs of the new phone (click to enlarge):


Now that you have the specs, you can probably go out and do some sleuthing of your own and draw some conclusions. And if you haven’t bought one of their smartphones just yet, it might pay you to wait a little bit since the prices will probably drop on the Optimus V and Intercept once this new model is introduced.


6 thoughts on “Virgin Mobile Has a New Smartphone in the Works

  1. Hey Dave,

    I am glad you are happy with your new phone. Seems like new android phones will be coming out every other month which is good for us in the long run.



    1. Definitely a good thing. Maybe people will begin to realize you don’t need an outlandish data plan and contract to get exactly what you need to be productive


  2. After some research, it appears they may be offering the OliveSmart V-S300, which was recently announced in India and has the exact same specs as those shown above.


    1. Just looked it up and that’s definitely an interesting choice. I’m glad that VM is starting to offer so many choices in smartphones now. Thanks for the tip 🙂


  3. hey were do you vote for the name and stuff at the website or what if anyone knows that would be great thanks


    1. You have to be registered to take surveys with Virgin Mobile. Not sure if you need to be an actual customer or not, though.


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