On the Mend

Well well well, look who’s back and posting again. It only took a few weeks, didn’t it?

Yes, it certainly did but at least this time I had a legitimate excuse to stay away from the computer for that amount of time instead of my usual self-imposed hiatuses that are only the result of of me not really having anything to write about.

But I guess I do today.

You see, this illness (that I am still fighting off) was the first I’ve had in at least a few years. That is if you don’t count the rather common migraines that I deal with. This time I have what I believe to be a cold that I probably got after stupidly spending three consecutive chilly nights out walking the dog. As if that wasn’t enough, I spent the third night running a 5k around the neighborhood.

(My walks and runs, by the way, were a great way to test the Endomondo app for my LG Optimus V. I very highly recommend it!)

By the next morning, I was starting to feel the effects of a cold beginning to settle and the day after that, I went through an entire box of Kleenex tissues at work. I even left after working a half-day since I felt like crap in a pita.

I was achy, tired, and downright miserable. I spent most of my time curled up on the couch sleeping off the cold. The couch was Ann’s idea since she didn’t want to catch whatever it was I had and was sneezing and coughing all over the place, so that’s where I slept for at least three nights.

I was also running a bit if a fever and bundled up since I thought climate in the house resembled that of an igloo (when in reality, it was more of a not-that-cold-you-whiny-baby climate).

And did I mention that nothing tasted good the entire time I was sick? On a day when I was starting to feel a little better I told Ann that I wanted to have a Whopper for dinner so that’s exactly what I got. Hungry, I consumed the entire thing in record time (without fries) and couldn’t taste a damn thing.

That’s strange for a Whopper since those BK onions are pretty rancid. But nope, I couldn’t even taste them. And during the time I was sick, it may have been the first and only time I took a bite of Mexican bread and spit it out since it tasted so bad. Well, I’m sure it didn’t but I know I couldn’t taste it at the time.

As a result of not eating, I dropped three pounds and yeah, I expect to gain them back once my appetite returns.

But by last Saturday, I was well enough to watch Anthony partake in his first Tae Kwan Do class and I’m glad I did. He seems to be enjoying it and wants to do that from now on instead of art classes.

And on Sunday, we made it to my cousin’s house to make the Mexican cure-all of albondigas soup. I may not have been able to taste much of it but it didn’t matter; it’s the concoction itself that has ages-old healing remedies to cure whatever ails you.

By Monday, I was almost back to normal – or what I consider myself to be normal. I’m still a little weak, food still tastes a little strange and not up to exercising just yet but I’ll get there real soon.

But just don’t ask Ann how she feels. She’s been the one that’s been sleeping on the couch the last few days…