Bad Eggs

eggsWe attended a birthday party for one of Anthony’s friends last Saturday and it was filled with the usual kid-centric activities: pizza, games, a hands-on reptile show, and one annoying little twit that would not leave Anthony alone.

It seems that this mongrel –we’ll call him Chip – had a party of his own the previous day at the same park as this one, a party which included an Easter Egg Hunt.

Ann and I let Anthony go running amuck with his friends and while at it, he came across a plastic egg (much like the ones above). He gave it to me and continued on his way. Then he came across another, then another, then I found one.

In the end, he had about 5 of these cheaply made plastic eggs that he was stuffing little trinkets into, mostly the stretchy rubberband-like frogs all attendees were given as part of a game.

As Anthony was running around I noticed that Chip, in his [Whatever City They Lay Claim to Next] Angels jersey and matching cap, was behind him every step of the way and at one point, even pushed Anthony over. Soon afterwards, I approached Chip and what turned out to be his older brother. We’ll call him, oh, Dale.

I inquired why Chip, seemingly unprovoked, pushed Anthony while chasing him. He explained.

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