Facebook Ad Placement

Saw this on Facebook today and sometimes, you just don’t have the words.

A Day at the Ballpark

It’s not too often that I go to the ballpark. Frankly, while I love baseball, the cost of taking the family to a game is getting out of hand and I just don’t make the money I used to. That’s why whenever I’m offered tickets to a game, I gladly take them. It also explains … Continue reading A Day at the Ballpark

Rapture Review

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The Mayor of Hell

You know folks, this was bound to happen and as Bart Simpson once said, “Oh, don’t look so shocked.” I am, in some capacity but not necessarily officially, the Mayor of Hell. Well, at least according to foursquare I am: So later today, I expect all of you heathens to have plenty of hot dogs … Continue reading The Mayor of Hell

Andre Ethier Dodgers Foam Finger

Voice of Vin Scully: “Friends, we have a very special souvenir offer for you today, and what a treat it is. In recognition of Andre Ethier’s on-field pre-game antics a few nights ago, Danny Goodman is proud to offer this oversized Dodgers novelty foam finger. Now you can salute the Dodgers’ performance as of late, tell … Continue reading Andre Ethier Dodgers Foam Finger