Andre Ethier Dodgers Foam Finger

Voice of Vin Scully:

“Friends, we have a very special souvenir offer for you today, and what a treat it is. In recognition of Andre Ethier’s on-field pre-game antics a few nights ago, Danny Goodman is proud to offer this oversized Dodgers novelty foam finger. Now you can salute the Dodgers’ performance as of late, tell manager Don Mattingly what you think of another bone-headed move, give your opinion of the McCourt divorce, as well as letting Ethier know his actions were unprofessional and uncalled for. It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser at the Ravine.

ethier finger

Send cash, check or money order to Danny Goodman, Ethier Foam Finger, 1750 Stadium Way, Los Angeles, CA…”

Hey, dummy. Please do not send cash, check, money order, blood, anything. These foam fingers don’t exist except in my twisted mind and with the help — if you can call it that — of Photoshop.

And no knocking my Photoshop skills – I know they suck!

UPDATE 6/6/10: They DO exist and without my consent or approval 🙂 Click here.