The Mayor of Hell

You know folks, this was bound to happen and as Bart Simpson once said, “Oh, don’t look so shocked.”

I am, in some capacity but not necessarily officially, the Mayor of Hell. Well, at least according to foursquare I am:


So later today, I expect all of you heathens to have plenty of hot dogs and hamburgers ready for when you’re judged, we’re gonna have one heckuva barbecue.

Oh, don’t worry. We won’t need propane. There’s plenty of fire around here…

(insert Vincent Price’s laugh from the end of Thriller here)

And hey, if you are on GetGlue, check out their righteous, limited edition sticker for today! Just check-in to Rapture and it’s yours!


Well, I gotta go. Still have to hang up the bunting and all that jazz because, even though I’m the Mayor, Satan can be a little sissy bee-yatch if he doesn’t get his bunting hung up in time.

Sure hope to see you soon!