30 Day Song Challenge, Day 11: A Song from Your Favorite Band

This is another one of those “Really?” topics.

Depeche Mode has been around for almost 30 years and choosing one song from them is like asking, “Which do you prefer: glazed, chocolate, buttermilk, twists, with sprinkles…” etc.

But I’ll make it easy with one of my favorites.

Depeche Mode – “Home”

Crappy video quality for such a good song. The injustice.

Honorable Mention

Freelove (Single remix)

Only When I Lose Myself

Note that none of those songs include former member Alan Wilder but are all worth listening to. While the band was amazing with him, I think fans ought to appreciate the fact that over the years, singer Dave Gahan battled a heroin addiction, cleaned himself up in a mere six weeks, had a malignant tumor removed from his bladder and is still going strong.

Appreciate what you have, folks.