Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Yet another example of what it's like to live with yours truly. We're in the den watching Ghost Hunters where they are doing an investigation on a naval ship. During one scene, they go into the ship's hospital and we see a bed with leg harnesses that could have been used for delivering babies (but … Continue reading Not-So-Wordless Wednesday


Virgin Mobile Survey: New Phones and Potential Names

Just when I thought Virgin Mobile was starting to overlook me for survey purposes, I get one in my inbox! This time we find out a few details of what they have planned for the future. Here’s the first screengrab: Hey, it looks like Virgin Mobile has yet another Android phone on the horizon! No … Continue reading Virgin Mobile Survey: New Phones and Potential Names

Wet&Wild 5k is Done!

This was taken before the run and will post a few more taken with an actual camera (not phone) later. Summary: finished in about 42:00 or so but I'll post my official time when I get home. Right now I'm relaxing with the family at Wild Rivers where we had to run through a wading … Continue reading Wet&Wild 5k is Done!

Earthquake Virgins

Hey, in case you hadn’t heard, there was a reasonably sized earthquake yesterday centered somewhere in Virginia. And how did I find out about it? Twitter, of course. During my regular perusing of Twitter via my TweetCaster app, I came across several tweets from a friend of mine who lives on DC and my first … Continue reading Earthquake Virgins


Hey, in case you haven't noticed, I've been absent around here lately. The simple reason is that I've been working a second job at my friend's restaurant in the evening right after my regular job. That pretty much means that I'm driving 20 miles to my normal job, driving another 20 or so to the … Continue reading Busy/Tired