In Threes


As has been obvious to some of my Facebook folks, I have been noticeably absent from there lately. And as usual, I have a reason for it.

You know that old phrase that states celebrities always go in threes? I’ve got a bit of my own life situation with the number three only fortunately, all three don’t involve dying. Possibly one but nothing more.

Either way you look at it, all three have been causing me a bit of stress lately and as I normally do, I write just to get it all out. Here they are.

1. Mom’s Sudden Surgery. I got an e-mail from my brother on Wednesday telling me that Mom was going in for surgery on Thursday. Being I haven’t spoken to Mom in a bit, this came as a total surprise so I was on the horn to my extensive list of cousins, aunts and uncles trying to get more information, or to see if they knew anything. Nobody did; it was Mom’s wish to keep this on the down-low so as not to worry anybody. Mission accomplished. While Mom and I have had our disagreements in the past over varied issues, she’s still Mom and at her age, any type of surgery – in this case, it was relatively minor – is cause for concern. I will visit her this weekend in the hospital, the same one where she had another operation back in 2008.

2. Ozziekat. Our beloved cat Ozzie (aka Ozzie D., Ozzers, Nozzie, etc.), who we’ve had since he was a kitten, seems to have been taken a turn for the worst in terms of his health. There are days when he’s doing just fine then there’s those when he’s really lethargic and not eating. Right now he’s in one of his down stages and it’s not a lot of fun. He’ll still get up and walk around but I can tell that he’s just not himself, even if he does have an appetite. Sure, he’ll still nuzzle me and purr like mad but I can tell he’s not 100 percent Ozzie. This all comes way too soon after having to put Cindy down just over a year ago and we’re hoping that a visit to the vet will set him right again. I just couldn’t handle having to put him down – I can still see that little kitten we brought home in 1999. That makes him nowhere near Cindy’s age (she was 17) so it seems we’ve been cheated with Ozzie’s 12, should he get worse and need to be put down soon. I’m trying not to think that way but unfortunately, it’s a possibility.

3. Possible Job. With all of the bad, there is some good to report. I got an e-mail the other day from a recruiter about a job as a Tech Writer for a major pharmaceutical company which believe me, you’ve heard of. Despite the quality of my posts here, I can assure you that I can actually produce a decent document when I truly apply myself. (I had to write a 20-page business proposal in college for my final exam in Tech Writing. It got me an A.) I’ve been in constant contact with this person with follow-ups, resumes, etc. I got word today that I have been shortlisted and will hear from them next week regarding an interview. So why should I stress about this since it is good news? The pay for this position is absolutely ridiculous and not in a bad way. I will be making almost triple my current hourly rate should I get it and believe me, after being unemployed for nearly two years and having creditors calling daily asking for money (yeah, take a number, buddy), this job could solve our financial problems in only a few months’ time. I’m excited, worried, confused. I’m just hoping it all works out.

So that’s it. I’m not really sure if I feel much better but at least I got it out.