30 Day Song Challenge, Day 27: A Song You Wish You Could Play

Ach, this whole 30 Day Song Challenge has proven to be a painful experience and in the long run not the least bit appealing, not even to me. So I can imagine what my readers may have thought when they read any of these posts which, looking at my stats, generated little interest. As a matter of fact, I was pretty much over this whole thing by the 15th day – quite possibly sooner.

And to be honest, I wrote most of the posts in a matter of two days and scheduled them to post each day. I sort of cheated.

So with that in mind, I’m ending it 3 days ahead of schedule so that I can get back to the normal nonsense I do. This challenge has just become too tedious and, quite honestly, downright boring. Besides, the last three days were pretty dull songs anyhow.

The 30 Day Song Challenge has officially ended ahead of schedule.

And I promise to never do it again.