Virgin Mobile Survey: New Phones and Potential Names

Just when I thought Virgin Mobile was starting to overlook me for survey purposes, I get one in my inbox! This time we find out a few details of what they have planned for the future.

Here’s the first screengrab:


Hey, it looks like Virgin Mobile has yet another Android phone on the horizon! No specs; the survey just asked me what I thought of the name they planned for this “touchscreen Android phone” with the standard Android features.

Let’s move on to the second question:


Hmmm. Verve and Fling. What do you think? Despite my trigger-finger (where I inadvertently marked the Yes box) I wasn’t too crazy about either one of them.

Question the third:


Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. Judging by the information here, Virgin Mobile has two (presumably) Android phones planned for future release with the one mentioned above featuring both touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard. Possibly a replacement for the outdated and tired Samsung Intercept?

Finally, the fourth question:


So there you have it: the touchscreen/QWERTY combo will either be Venture or Chaser. Or neither, depending on what they decide with the answers given from this survey.

Regardless of the names, consumers have at least two more Virgin Mobile Android phones to look forward to and hopefully not as bad as the Motorola TRIUMPH, whose GPS has been notorious for its lackluster performance.

And if you are considering the switch to Virgin Mobile, they currently have a $25 credit promotion for new customers only. It started on 8/24/11 and runs through 9/5/11. There is also a time limit in place to activate the phone so if you want to take advantage of this, you better hurry.

The details as posted on their Web site:

* Terms and Conditions of the $25 credit:

  • To qualify to receive the $25 credit, you must purchase a Beyond Talk phone from between 8/24/2011 and 9/5/2011. In addition, you must activate your phone on a current Beyond Talk plan by 11:59PM Pacific Time on 10/4/2011.
  • This promotion is available for new customers only. Existing customers may still purchase a Beyond Talk phone but will not be eligible for the $25 credit.
  • Limit of one $25 credit per Virgin Mobile account. Virgin Mobile reserves the right to modify, extend or cancel offers at any time. Offer may not be combined with any other offer. Restrictions apply.
  • The $25 credit will be awarded upon activation within this timeframe.
  • You will receive an alert on your phone once the $25 credit has been applied to your account.
  • The activation must be successful in order to receive the $25 credit.
  • This promotion is applicable only to newly-purchased Beyond Talk phones that are activated on a Beyond Talk plan.
  • Phones activated by existing Virgin Mobile customers are not eligible for this promotion.
  • Previously used phones received as part of the Pass-it-On program are not eligible for this promotion.

Now if they would only come through with their Phone Fund and Free Phones for Life programs


4 thoughts on “Virgin Mobile Survey: New Phones and Potential Names

  1. Hey Dave,
    Very interesting survey. Doesn’t seem like anything that would make me want to upgrade my current phone yet. Thanks for the info.
    Peace out.


  2. sounds exciting to me, i’m still on my lg rumor touch and i’m looking to upgrade to an android device at the end of the year. hopefully one of these options are released during the holiday season, would definitely like to buy one!


    1. I can’t guarantee that they will but it’s been my experience that whenever there’s a survey about names, they are available within a few months. You might be in luck 🙂


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