Leap Year Survey for 2008–The Results

If you’ve been a fan of this blog for a while (and I can’t imagine many people have), you may recall a post which I wrote the last Leap Year on February 29, 2008.

At that time I was 38, Anthony was 4 and still in preschool, and I was still happily employed at Learning Tree and making decent money.

My, how things have changed as we’re about to find out. Keep in mind that many of the questions in the Entertainment section dealt with who was popular at the time so if the questions seem completely irrelevant, that’s why. And to give you another idea of this, I mention MySpace in the original post and only joined Facebook 5 months prior. Kind of scary.

Anyway, here are the results from the Leap Year Survey 2008. Let’s see how well I did.

If single now, will you be married? (N/A)

If married now, will you still be? Yes
Result: True. It’ll be 19 years this year so things aren’t going to change.

Will you weight more or less? Significantly less
Result: True. I started my weight loss blog entries on March 24, 2008 and a few days later I weighed in at 251 lbs. As of this post, I’m at 209 lbs. and focusing more on muscle mass than overall weight.

Will you have (any more) kids? No
Result: True. And I’m glad that hasn’t changed. Anthony is a handful on his own!

Will you have the same job? No–they will be moved to VA by 2010
Result: True. While most of the jobs moved to Reston, VA, there are still some lingering here in California.

If no, in which profession will you be working? Writing
Result: False. I’m proofreading which is nothing like writing.

Will you be driving the same car? No
Result: True. I can’t recall what I was driving back in 2008 but I’m sure it wasn’t what I have now, which I got in 2009.

If no, what will you be driving? Luxury sedan
Result: False. I drive a sedan but unless you consider a used Ford Fusion Kia Rio a luxury car, this one is definitely wrong.

Will you still be living in the same place? Yes
Result: True. That won’t change.

If Britney Spears is still alive, how many total children will she have? 5
Result: False. She has 2.

What number husband will she be on? 6 (Currently on #3 #2)
Result: False. She’s engaged to someone who will be her 3rd sucker.

Will Lindsay Lohan make it to the next Leap Day? No
Result: False. She’s still lingering but barely. And who would have ever guessed Whitney Houston wouldn’t?

What about Abe Vigoda? Yes
Result: True. The man just won’t make those rumors of his passing come true.

Will 2Pac release another CD? Yes
Result: False. His last album, Pac’s Life, was released was in 2006.

Will your favorite artist (Depeche Mode for me) have won a Grammy? No
Result: True. While they were nominated for a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album and Best Short Form Music Video, they were snubbed again.

Will your current TV show still be on the air (in production, not syndication)? No
Result: Null. I can’t even think of what I was watching back then other than The Simpsons, and that’s still going. Could go either way, I guess.

Will you own a iPod? Yes (I’ve had one for 3 years)
Result: True. Each member of the family has one.

Will an “iPod Killer” be introduced by then? No
Result: Null. It’s hard to exactly say if this is true  for several reasons. For one, the iPhone essentially has an iPod built in to it, smartphones can do just about anything an iPod can, and who ever saw the iPad, Kindle Fire or other tablets coming? Even with all those facts, iPod sales continue to soar.

The DVD Format War may be over, but will the winner (Blu-ray) still be around? No
Result: False. Sales of Blu-ray discs also continue to climb.

If you blog, will you still be? Yes
Result: True. Duh.

Microsoft: Bankrupt or not? Bankrupt
Result: False. While they were having difficulties after Apple and Google got the smartphone wars going in 2007, they are by no means bankrupt.

Will hybrid vehicles still be all the rage? No
Result: True. Hybrids continue to be popular but many car manufacturers are making fuel-efficient vehicles that can get up to and over 40 MPG – at a significantly lower price, making them a viable alternative to hybrids.

Will satellite radio still matter? Yes
Result: True. It’s still around and with many fans and despite the SIRIUS/XM merger, it only started turning profits recently.

What major innovation will cell phones feature? Ability to shoot hi-definition video
Result: True. Many phones shoot videos in hi-def.

Cost of Living
The average cost of gas per gallon will be: $4.50
Result: False. As of this post, it is $4.25 but still climbing.

The cost of a single-day, adult ticket to Disneyland will be: $109 (Currently $66)
Result: False. They are currently $77 for kids and $80 for adults, single-park ticket.

The cheapest menu item at McDonald’s will cost: $2
Result: False. You can still buy stuff for around a buck.

The average cost of a base-model, entry-level car will be: $23k
Result: False. With people straying away from gas-guzzling SUVs, compact cars are making some headway. Most manufacturers offer a base-model, entry-level car for around $15k MSRP.

Well, there you go. It looks like I pretty much failed at this survey and as such, I’m not bothering with one this year 🙂

Virgin Mobile Gives Us More Choices

It seems like it was yesterday when I wrote a post about the survey I had taken in which Virgin Mobile was asking me what I thought of the potential names of their upcoming phones.

Almost one month to the day of that post, today Virgin Mobile announced two brand-spanking-new models: the LG Optimus Slider and HTC Wildfire S. Strangely, neither of these phones bear the names for which I was surveyed but with the addition of these two models, Virgin Mobile now has a total of five Android phones for consumers to choose from.


Virgin Mobile’s LG Optimus Slider (MSRP $199.99)

With its slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the LG Optimus Slider looks pretty much like a replacement for the LG Rumor Touch only it’s running Android 2.3 Gingerbread.


Virgin Mobile’s HTC Wildfire S (MSRP $199.99)

Speaking of clones, it looks like the HTC Wildfire S could be a clone of the LG Optimus in terms of screen size (3.2”), processor (600 MHz), etc. It’s a little thinner and lighter than the Optimus but comes with a 5MP camera and a flash, something previous VM Android models (except the TRIUMPH) lacked. Like the Slider, the Wildfire S also boasts Android’s 3.2 Gingerbread platform.

But with the few pluses comes a huge minus: talk time. According to the specs, this model has an astounding 3.8 hours of talk time. By comparison:

  • Motorola TRIUMPH: 4 hours
  • Optimus V: 6 hours
  • Samsung Intercept: 6.4 hours

Granted, with texting often being the preferred choice of communication these days, talk time may not seem to relevant but hey, I’d expect a little more than that.

All in all, Virgin Mobile seems to be sending in the clones with these two models and I don’t see myself rushing to sell stuff on eBay to buy either of them. The only good thing here is that the prices will definitely drop on all other Android models to make way for these, which is great news if you’ve been eyeballing that Optimus V.

Virgin Mobile Survey: New Phones and Potential Names

Just when I thought Virgin Mobile was starting to overlook me for survey purposes, I get one in my inbox! This time we find out a few details of what they have planned for the future.

Here’s the first screengrab:


Hey, it looks like Virgin Mobile has yet another Android phone on the horizon! No specs; the survey just asked me what I thought of the name they planned for this “touchscreen Android phone” with the standard Android features.

Let’s move on to the second question:


Hmmm. Verve and Fling. What do you think? Despite my trigger-finger (where I inadvertently marked the Yes box) I wasn’t too crazy about either one of them.

Question the third:


Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. Judging by the information here, Virgin Mobile has two (presumably) Android phones planned for future release with the one mentioned above featuring both touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard. Possibly a replacement for the outdated and tired Samsung Intercept?

Finally, the fourth question:


So there you have it: the touchscreen/QWERTY combo will either be Venture or Chaser. Or neither, depending on what they decide with the answers given from this survey.

Regardless of the names, consumers have at least two more Virgin Mobile Android phones to look forward to and hopefully not as bad as the Motorola TRIUMPH, whose GPS has been notorious for its lackluster performance.

And if you are considering the switch to Virgin Mobile, they currently have a $25 credit promotion for new customers only. It started on 8/24/11 and runs through 9/5/11. There is also a time limit in place to activate the phone so if you want to take advantage of this, you better hurry.

The details as posted on their Web site:

* Terms and Conditions of the $25 credit:

  • To qualify to receive the $25 credit, you must purchase a Beyond Talk phone from www.virginmobileusa.com between 8/24/2011 and 9/5/2011. In addition, you must activate your phone on a current Beyond Talk plan by 11:59PM Pacific Time on 10/4/2011.
  • This promotion is available for new customers only. Existing customers may still purchase a Beyond Talk phone but will not be eligible for the $25 credit.
  • Limit of one $25 credit per Virgin Mobile account. Virgin Mobile reserves the right to modify, extend or cancel offers at any time. Offer may not be combined with any other offer. Restrictions apply.
  • The $25 credit will be awarded upon activation within this timeframe.
  • You will receive an alert on your phone once the $25 credit has been applied to your account.
  • The activation must be successful in order to receive the $25 credit.
  • This promotion is applicable only to newly-purchased Beyond Talk phones that are activated on a Beyond Talk plan.
  • Phones activated by existing Virgin Mobile customers are not eligible for this promotion.
  • Previously used phones received as part of the Pass-it-On program are not eligible for this promotion.

Now if they would only come through with their Phone Fund and Free Phones for Life programs

Virgin Mobile Survey: Upgraded Customer Service?

As you can probably guess, I love my Virgin Mobile Optimus V phone. And despite its problems I can’t tell people enough about it.

I got another survey from Virgin Mobile today and it only centered around thing: upgraded service. The gist of it was that if I would be willing to pay extra for the following (with my answer highlighted):


For me, it’s just not worth paying extra for any of that considering I’ve only called their Customer Service line a few times, both for billing issues which were eventually resolved. About the only thing I would want would be people who actually understand the problem, which seemed to be a big problem on the times I did call.

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Here’s a list of 10 things I do without really thinking.

  • Without fail, I eat fries before the main course (when I do eat fries).
  • Speaking of fries, I sprinkle salt and pepper on the ketchup rather than the fries.
  • When drinking a bottled beverage with a sticker label, the label’s seam is always facing away from me and running the length of my fingers. Same rule applies to paper cups with seams.
  • I punch out all the thingies on restaurant beverage to-go lids.
  • Although right-handed, I use my left hand to open tightly sealed lids while holding the jar with my right. I’ve tried it the other way around—EPIC FAIL.
  • Footwear: sock-sock; shoe-shoe.
  • Sleep pattern: back, right side, left side, asleep.
  • I always sit in the front car of both trains when going to work. While going home, I sit in the last car.
  • I still park in the employee parking section whenever I go to the Target store I used to work at.

These don’t really fall under idiosyncrasies; they are more or less things about me because, well, I know you’re all dying to know more.

  • I never leave home without eating breakfast. It doesn’t sound that strange, but it’s amazing how many people skip breakfast or have it at the office. Go ahead—ask around!
  • When eating a banana, I always pull the last portion out of the peel. (As a kid I ate a banana that someone had pierced with a needle through the bottom. I bit into the needle and it freaked me out, so I’ve been doing it ever since.)
  • I wear size Q pantyhose. I mean, I’ve worn size Q pantyhose when I’ve had to. (*crickets chirping*) Okay, it was Halloween so I’ve never really had to wear them, but now you know. (*crickets chirping*)
  • I always wear a watch.
  • I seem to wear out my left shoe faster than my right.
  • My left clavicle is shorter than my right. So now, after losing all this weight and I can see them clearly, I notice a freaking flaw. That’s just great!
  • On the subject of left, I can pop my left arm out of its socket without pulling on it. I just use my arm muscles and there it goes. I’m beginning to think there’s something seriously wrong with the left side of my body.

So what do you do/what the hell is wrong with you?