Virgin Mobile Gives Us More Choices

It seems like it was yesterday when I wrote a post about the survey I had taken in which Virgin Mobile was asking me what I thought of the potential names of their upcoming phones. Almost one month to the day of that post, today Virgin Mobile announced two brand-spanking-new models: the LG Optimus Slider … Continue reading Virgin Mobile Gives Us More Choices


The Black Eyed Peas Are…

…just so you know.

“Axiom Bloodshot Icarus Spleen?”

I think I may have turned down a job opportunity the other day but in the end, it was probably for the better. I know, in today’s economy, you would be absolutely stupid beyond a reasonable doubt to walk away from any kind of good news that might come waltzing your way, especially unexpectedly. But … Continue reading “Axiom Bloodshot Icarus Spleen?”

Fun on the 405

You see that map (click to enlarge) to the left? That there is my daily commute to work and although it’s only Tuesday, I’m about ready to start riding my bike there. Why? Pretty simple. The people who take the 405 at the same time I do all suck eggs. They’re a bunch of moronic … Continue reading Fun on the 405

My Most Essential Android Apps, Part II

As promised, this post will be dedicated strictly to the apps related to photography. Let’s get one thing out in the open: when it comes to photography apps, iOS definitely has Android beat. I check AppShopper daily on my iPod for literally thousands of free iOS apps and there’s always an abundance of photography apps. … Continue reading My Most Essential Android Apps, Part II