The Weekend in Review

the-beatles-taxman-capitol-cema-special-marketsOkay, so here’s now my weekend went down.

First of all I spent a good portion of Friday night exporting my blog files over to, another blog host that looks and feels a lot like WordPress which delights and scares me at the same time. There’s a lot to like about them, including clean themes with many of them featuring – wait for it – footers and no infinite scroll! There’s also a Facebook “Like” button on each post – are you reading this, WordPress?

The bad things? The Wonderful World of Shortcodes is gone so any YouTube videos I have posted would be gone if I chose to take up permanent residence over there. That would be mucho hassle considering how many I’ve posted over my 900+ posts. There are other minor annoyances that, despite all it has going for it, makes me reconsider a permanent move. In the meantime, I have switched from Twenty Eleven to Duster and it seems to be working. Will WordPress take our complaints into consideration?

I’m not holding my breath.

Saturday: We had made an appointment with our tax guy a few weeks ago so that we could do our duty and we were pleasantly surprised with what we will be getting back from both state and federal levels. It seems that taking my current job (a temp job I’ve worked since October 2010) and not relying on the teat of unemployment paid off in spades in the long run. And being in California, the state’s teat will be lacking sustenance very, very soon so I’m glad to be off of it.

Because of that and Ann taking a few college courses last year, we are getting considerably more than the previous year. This means we can now pay off all of our credit cards and still have some left in the kitty. It’s a good feeling.

Sunday: We did a whole lot of nothing on Sunday except do some touch-up painting around the exterior of the house. My back started to hurt a bit so the extent of my work was pretty limited. Once my work was done I went inside and laid on the bed for a few hours. Felt good.

I didn’t bother watching the Grammys for fear of hearing a tribute to Whitney Houston with every acceptance speech and I also didn’t care to listen to Adele any more than I could possibly stomach. But hey, kudos to Foo Fighters who quietly took home 5 Grammys amidst the aforementioned tributes and Adele stuffing her face with meat pies winning 6 of her own.

So yay, another work week has begun and chances are it will be just as long as the last.

Tomorrow is something-something day in addition to Valentine’s Day. Anybody have a clue?