My First Celeb Retweet: @pennjillette

I’m pretty jazzed about this.

I’d been following Penn Jillette on Twitter for a few months because I think he’s an interesting guy: magician, outspoken atheist, musician, and a great storyteller. And after listening to his Penn’s Sunday School podcasts today at work I came to the conclusion that the man knows everyone.

Shortly after being enthralled by the second podcast, I had to tweet about it to let the world know what a great show it was. It’s funny (especially if you like monkeys and Clay Aiken), thought-provoking and a little crazy at times. This is especially true when listening on an iPod at 2x the speed, a speed at which the Monkey Tuesday theme sounds even better.

It was a simple tweet:

Enjoying @pennjillette Penn’s Sunday School podcast. He’s an interesting guy. Check it:

With the show still in its infancy, Penn is still trying to get more listeners (of which I will continue to be as I have subscribed on iTunes). Of course, the best way to get the word out these days is via Twitter – and that’s exactly what he did with my tweet:pennRT

That’s pretty sweet. With the Twitter being so popular, a simple RT by a celebrity is the equivalent of an autograph in this day and age. It’s your confirmation that they saw what you said, thought it was worthy of telling their followers, and sent it out to all of them. From this tweet I gained quite a few followers, too: the man does have 1.7 million of his own.

So thanks, Penn Jillette, for the RT and making my day. I’m a fan of the show and can’t wait for more episodes, even if I have to grab the podcast following the day of the live show.

The Pato Lucas discussion was hysterical, by the way.