Thinning the Herd

If you guys hear of an explosion outside a Walgreens in Lakewood, CA, it’s probably going to be because of this genius who obviously likes to live life on the edge.

As you can see he’s got a cigarette in his mouth. What isn’t so obvious is what’s behind him in that cage.

Those are propane tanks.

So if you hear of what I mentioned in the introduction of this post, it’s just Darwin at work.

(I apologize for the picture quality. It was taken with my phone from my car, nearly completely zoomed-in, and then cropped. I did not, however, distort the image to make Skinny McStringBean look the way he does–that’s how he was.)


5 thoughts on “Thinning the Herd

  1. Sometimes even the stupidest wildebeest slips past the hungry lions… at least a few times. I don’t like it when they try to bring along the rest of the nearby herd, though.


    1. Yeah. We sort of high-tailed it out of there when we saw this. We didn’t want to become a statistics of stupidity.


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