Skechers Pays Up for Making You Look Like A Goofball

I’d been telling people all along that these things didn’t work.

Skechers has been ordered to pay up $50M in damages to consumers who fell for the shoemaker’s claims that their Shape-Ups shoes would improve circulation, tone leg muscles, and promote weight loss.

About the only thing consumers were lighter from was the $50-$100 they were duped out of for buying the shoes that were nothing more than a gimmick and make them look like complete and utter dorks.

I mean seriously, would you wear these regardless of the health benefits?


At any rate, this story makes me extremely happy because it serves them right. As someone who used to be a fatty, I know that outside of proper nutrition and exercise, there’s nothing on this planet that will do what these shoes claimed to do. There are no shortcuts to a healthy body if you are overweight or obese. The best way to get in shape is to get busy, eat right, exercise, never look back and for the love of all things holy, avoid garbage like Shape-Ups shoes.

It’s like energy drinks. There’s no athlete in their right mind that would chug one of these before something as simple as a 5k or complex as a triathlon because they are pure crap. The only people you see buying them are guys I describe in this post and their girlfriends. Real energy should be sustained and provided by eating the right foods.

Showing up to a running event in Shape-Ups or any Skechers product is like wanting to drive in a NASCAR race with a Disneyland Autopia license: you’d probably get laughed into obscurity. While they may be comfortable, they aren’t much good for their claims which is why they must pay up. It’s just a shame that people bought into it.

In other words, Skechers should leave the real running and walking shoes to the pros.

When I first started my weight loss program, all I did was buy a pair of $30 New Balance shoes at Marshalls. Nothing more, nothing less. As those wore down I bought another pair of running shoes and so on. I don’t think I’ve spent anywhere near what Skechers cost and I’ve had Puma, Nike, Asics, Avia, New Balance and a few more.

And look! Through kicking my ass, exercising and eating right, I went from this…


…to this…


without wearing such goofy shoes! Isn’t it amazing what a little hard work will do?

Hey, if you have a pair of Shape-Ups and are happy with them then who am I to argue? But there’s a good chance that you bought them under the premise that they would do exactly as they claimed because, let’s face it, there’s no reason to wear such ugly-ass Herman Munster shoes.

So Skechers, you’d better get that checkbook out because it’s time you felt a little light in the wallet—and rightfully so.