It’s Summertime

This pretty much explains my absence as of late.

Summertime obviously means that our son is out of school and this year more than any previous year, he has been driving us absolutely nuts by wanting to stay up late and watch cartoons into the wee hours of the morning (which he never makes it to anyhow).

This irks me in particular because most of the stuff he watches is unwatchable to me. I’m just not a big TV watcher so to me it’s a genuine waste of time, cartoons or otherwise. I don’t even own a TiVo. How’s that for apathy?

To add to this, all of his friends are away on vacations or doing other sorts of things that prohibit them from playing. As a result, me and Ann have been parents as well as taking their places and it’s been fairly exhausting.

So what does all of this mean?

Little to no time to blog, which is one of the few quiet times I ever get any time of the year. By the time Anthony heads to bed, Ann and I are both seeking the asylum and comfort of our own bed. Anthony’s been going to bed around 10pm and after a busy day of being parents and playmates, the last thing we want to do is…anything. Sure, we can send him to bed earlier but he’ll just lie there and mumble all night about being in bed and being bored.

I know, we’re only doing our jobs as parents but man, I don’t recall previous summers being this challenging or difficult.

And that explains my recent lack of posts. I’ll try to get back on it provided I can get more time to do so but until then, y’all get what you get.

Bear with me…