Why I Hate Monster.com

As is the case with all job sites, I am subscribed to get updates from Monster.com just in case for some reason or another there might be a place interested in hiring a sarcastic know-it-all smartass (completely redundant, I know).

So far, I’ve had no such luck. Perhaps I should list such qualifications on my resume so that I can get some hits should someone be looking for one (which I’m actually not in person – sort of).

But one of the skills I do have listed on my resume, which is about as impressive as a diploma from Clown College, is Journalism since I did put in a few years toiling in front of an outdated iMac that frequently crashed while in the middle of writing articles. And I was, from what I remember, I was quite good at writing articles although this dog-and-pony of a blog is not indicative of such mastery.

And because I have Journalism listed as one of my skills, Monster will send me updates on journalism jobs in my area. As a matter of fact I got one such update today and, although I’m looking to leave the world of proofreading/writing/editing/being a peon (one in the same) behind me, I thought I’d give it a click and see what was up.

So yeah, here it is! I’m getting all excited because this means there are jobs in the area that I might want to apply for! monster1

Let me just roll my arrow over that promising “Search Now” button and give the mouse a click. How can I lose? It clearly says that there are new journalism jobs in the Long Beach area, right? Daddy needs a new pair of shoes! If it’s close to home, I’ll definitely reconsider leaving the field and stick with it a little longer!



Man, Monster. You really know how to piss on a guy’s parade, don’t you?

Guess it’s back to being a sarcastic know-it-all smartass.