Blogging 365, Day 31: Free Birthday Crap, Part I

With the Big 44 a mere two weeks away, my inbox is starting to get inundated with all kids of worthless free birthday offers that I may or may not use. As was the case last year, I will share them with you to see how cheap retailers and restaurateurs have gotten. I will post them as I get them so in today’s case, you get two.

First up is Best Buy with this offer:

best buy

Not only is this a step down from their former offers of a $10 store certificate, it’s also a cheap step back from last year. You see, that’s when they offered 4x bonus points with no strings attached. This year I have to use the Reward Zone credit card – I don’t have a single credit card to my name, let alone theirs – to earn 4x the points. But as you can see by my point total at the top, I haven’t been using my rewards lately. Frankly, I don’t really care since I’m no longer shopping there anyway.

Now this one I may actually use:


As overpriced as they may be, I do like perusing the used game selection at Gamestop because chances are if I don’t find anything, Anthony will. And it’s not like I’m looking to get something new like Halo Whatever or some other well-known franchise. I don’t do those games. I prefer mine with a gas pedal or a Mario character or a combination of both. And a 20% discount isn’t all that bad of a deal when the games I usually buy are less than $20.

So there we go. Another two weeks of inbox offers to go! What’ll I get next?