Blogging 365, Day 59: Weird News

Saw these back-to-back on Facebook. You just can’t make this stuff up.

weird news

Man Kidnapped, Forced to Drive to Strip Club (KTLA)

Man Holds Woman Hostage, Forces Her to Cook for Him (KTLA)

Blogging 365, Day 58: Down for the Count

Holy crap, I’m beat again tonight. Guess that means this is all you get for a blog post.

Actually, there are some things I need to look into tonight so I plan on taking the night doing that. Namely, seeing who has these things in stock:


I decided that I wanted to buy one of these gadgets once we got our tax refund which we did yesterday, and I want to buy it in person and not order it online so that I have it in time for my next run on March 10. We had nothing to pay off this year; it was all done last year so we plan on doing a bit of shopping for ourselves this time around. Zero credit card debt is a nice feeling.

And there’s one more thing I want to get but I’m keeping it secret and won’t mention it until I’m ready (and no, it’s not a car since we already did that).

You’ll find out in time…

UPDATE 2/28/13: I’ve changed my mind about the Fuel Band. Way too many mixed reviews and it’s only a motion detector. Besides, no Android app. Boo!

Blogging 365, Day 57: If I Were Pope…

I would declare myself fallible, and my first act of fallibility would be purchasing this album:


Speaking of music, I would demand that this song be my theme song whether I was exiting a plane or going for a ride in the Popemobile.

Oh, and the Popemobile? Replaced by a Kia Ray EV.

kia ray

Out: funny red slippers. In: ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 8.

asics gel

All hats and vestments would remain in order. Gotta look somewhat presentable when waving to the garlic-eating masses.

The Vatican would be renamed “The Vatican sponsored by Pepsi.” A huge Pepsi logo would be installed behind and above me in the balcony when praying so as to appease the Vatican’s new sponsor. Naming rights would be a way to monetize the place as the church goes broke paying out lawsuit money. I would end my Sunday mass by cracking open an ice cold bottle, chugging it down, and saying, “Pope Aragorn out!”

Pope Benedict was weak. I’d still have a Twitter account, something like @badasspope.

I would also implement some changes within the church.

Confessions can often run long so giving sinners time limits in which to confess their sins seems like a good idea. Additionally, the time remaining would be displayed outside of each confessional. Time limit: 5 minutes from the second that door closes. And to make it easy, I would create a Sin Chart and hang it outside each confessional as well as have it in print and PDF for distribution. It would be an easy way to determine which prayers to say without having to tie up the priests.

And priests? They would be allowed to marry whichever gender they wish. This would include female priests, which I would allow.

This whole Lent thing is silly. Forty days of abstaining from something you love does not prove much of anything. I would encourage giving up a vice and taking up a healthy habit, both for life.

The Eucharist/communion wafer would be flavored because those things are pretty bland.

Eliminate the Stations of the Cross reenactment. Any Catholic, former (*raises hand*) or current probably wouldn’t disagree.

And most importantly, end all masses with the Throne Room music from Star Wars.

Blogging 365, Day 56: WWJD (What Would John Do)?

cranberry sauce



Do you think John would have agreed to be on The Simpsons?

(By the way, this is Day 56 not 55 which I originally put in the header. Oops.)

Blogging 365, Day 55: Good Luck

After yesterday’s bike ride through Chinatown and beyond, I decided to do a little shopping for everybody. I bought some incense for myself and knick-knacks for Ann and Anthony.

While I was walking back to pick up my bike from the corral, I came across the coin fountain where everybody seems to thrown their coins with reckless abandon in the hopes that it will land safely in one of the many bowls with labels such as Luck, Health, Serenity, etc.

I tried for Serenity several times and never quite got there – literally and figuratively.

Then with one dime left I decided to go for this one:

Chinatown Firecracker Bike Ride 048

I tossed the time in the direction of the bowl.

It landed right in there from more of an odd angle shown here.

The guy next to me was amazed at the feat and told me that a penny was a small investment for such good fortune.

“It was a dime,” I said. “You gotta spend money to make money!”

We both laughed and parted ways.

Strangely enough, our tax return had been direct-deposited into our account that same day.

I’m not saying it has anything to do with this but hey…it’s nice to think about what may be in store for us 🙂