Blogging 365, Day 32: Free Birthday Crap, Part II

Well, would you look at this: more free birthday crap!

Today’s gift is from the good people at Sport Chalet whom I am rather partial to for more reasons than one.

First, they know their stuff in the Shoe Department and are always willing to help. This goes for the Long Beach and Huntington Beach locations. Second, their employees are always helpful with anything you need. When compared to the one visit I made to Sports Authority where I didn’t even get help or greeted, there’s simply no comparison.

Then there’s the prices. At Christmas, one of the gifts I received was a new wheel for my bike to replace the one I smashed after my accident in July. I had been riding on Ann’s borrowed wheel since then. Anyway, the wheel I got was the right size for my bike but, unfortunately, the wrong valve size (yes, there are differences). I returned the wheel to the store who didn’t have what I needed so I got the $40 cash back.

On a whim I decided to check Sport Chalet to see if they had what I needed. Not only was that the case but the wheel was on clearance for an extra 60% off so I ended up spending less than $20 for it. Additionally, I had a $10 reward certificate so the thing cost me almost nothing.

Sport Chalet also throws nice parties. They have my business for sure, which is why I was rather excited to get this free birthday crap from them:

sport chalet

When compared to last year’s gift of a $15 discount off of $75 or more, this one is much better. I get triple the Rewards points with every purchase for the entire month of February so they could add up rather quickly and at 300 points I get another $10 Rewards certificate. And unlike Best Buy, at least I know I will get some use out of this rewards program.

There’s still plenty of time left to get stuff like this. I can’t wait to see what comes my way next…