Blogging 365, Day 58: Down for the Count

Holy crap, I’m beat again tonight. Guess that means this is all you get for a blog post.

Actually, there are some things I need to look into tonight so I plan on taking the night doing that. Namely, seeing who has these things in stock:


I decided that I wanted to buy one of these gadgets once we got our tax refund which we did yesterday, and I want to buy it in person and not order it online so that I have it in time for my next run on March 10. We had nothing to pay off this year; it was all done last year so we plan on doing a bit of shopping for ourselves this time around. Zero credit card debt is a nice feeling.

And there’s one more thing I want to get but I’m keeping it secret and won’t mention it until I’m ready (and no, it’s not a car since we already did that).

You’ll find out in time…

UPDATE 2/28/13: I’ve changed my mind about the Fuel Band. Way too many mixed reviews and it’s only a motion detector. Besides, no Android app. Boo!