Blogging 365, Day 66: Wrong Number


Since switching to MetroPCS just a few weeks ago after dumping Virgin Mobile, I’ve been getting a lot of wrong numbers. In fact just minutes after having the phone activated and while still standing at the counter, I received some sort of text invite for an app I didn’t even know the phone had. I honestly think the phone was just handed to me at that point and I hadn’t even had the time to look through it yet.

The calls continue and they all have one thing in common: they are all from Oregon and so far I’ve received them from a school, a pharmacy, the Oregon Chamber of Commerce and the Oregon Forensic Institute.

So to all of these places, I have a few words.

To the school: I don’t have a son/daughter named Jordan (name changed to protect the innocent). Besides, I’m not quite sure which gender that name is appropriate for and therefore wouldn’t name any of my kids that.

To Jordan’s parents: Get their ass to school. And when you take them, the secretary wants a doctor’s note to prove they’ve been sick. And oh, Jordan’s prescription is ready at the Generic Pharmacy.

To Generic Pharmacy: I’m not Jordan’s parent so I won’t be picking up his/her drugs.

To the Oregon Chamber of Commerce: I live in California and have never been to Oregon, let alone tried to start a business up there (although I hear it’s very pretty).

To the Oregon Forensic Institute: I’m not crazy and cannot confirm that I will be at my scheduled appointment. And you have the wrong number.

To the kid (from California) who called today asking for Dad: I am a dad – just not yours. Hope you get in touch with him. Maybe you should try going on Maury.

And to all those other random nutjobs who keep calling me: knock it off already.