Blogging 365, Day 74: Serious Business


Just a shot of Anthony using the ball washer before tonight’s round of golf at Heartwell Golf Course, the place where that Tiger Woods guy got his start. Doesn’t he look so serious?

I got a text from Ann before our group started asking me if we were cold. Yes, we were.

By the time we reached Hole 2, I see Ann sitting in a golf cart and being driven right to us with two jackets in hand. It definitely got quite chilly tonight and I’m thankful that we live so close to the course.

Cold weather aside it was a good night for golf and I walked with three other kids besides Anthony. They were all well-behaved and I had no issues with any of them; the youngest boy’s sister was also in the group so she kept him in line.

That’s all I got for tonight. Walking nine holes with a group of kids can take a lot out of you.