Blogging 365, Day 75: On Second Thought…

When I first made the decision to blog every day for the entire year, it seemed like a good idea. I felt up to the challenge and figured I’d always have things to talk about. And for the most part, I did generate ideas that turned into (somewhat) interesting posts.

But on this, the 75th consecutive day of blog entries (with 290 days left), I’m reconsidering my decision.

There are more than a few reasons why I’m leaning in that direction, the first of which is time. I’m spending my evenings typing away and sacrificing time I could be spending with the family.

That time also has impeded on my reading time. Since starting my blog-o-thon, I put down whichever books I was reading at the time and they have remained untouched since. I kind of want to get back into it – a big deal since I don’t like to read books in the first place.

Working out has also suffered. I’m managing to squeeze in some here and there but I’m always mindful of the blog and what I’m going to write about that night. I feel sort of rushed to workout when there’s a blog post must be written.

Then there’s the topic of traffic which is something I never really had much of here anyhow and since starting at the beginning of the year, I can’t say that traffic has increased with the constant posting. Additionally, comments are few and far between.

So in short, it’s taking up more than time that I had previously thought it would and the expected results just aren’t there. There are nights when I just want to do nothing but no, it doesn’t happen. I have to blog. I have to keep it going.

What it all adds up to is me putting this crazy idea of blogging every day on the shelf and learning from my experience. If anything, it lasted twice as long as the annual NaNoWriMo blogging challenge plus 15 days so I guess that’s something to be proud of.

This doesn’t mean the end of blogging, though. Not at all. But I’d rather spend a day or two collecting thoughts for one good blog post rather than rush myself into writing some half-assed thought of the day.

Thanks for sticking with me and my lousy posts and I hope you return when I have something of quality to write about.


2 thoughts on “Blogging 365, Day 75: On Second Thought…

  1. I’m proud of you for making it this long! I’ve done all sorts of posting experiments to increase traffic to mine, but none of it worked. Keep updating once in a blue moon and you’ll still have a reader here!


    1. Thanks, I appreciate it! And I meant every word I said in this post: it’s all about time. I still enjoy blogging but every day got to be a bit much. I enjoyed these few days away and got much done in the evening 🙂 You’re still on my reading list — Google Reader or not!


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