13 More Pictures of the New “Amityville Horror” House

First and foremost, I need to explain a little bit. As I post my pictures of the location and the interest in this movie continues to gain momentum, I’ve witnessed a blatant disregard for the intellectual property in regards to my images. I’ve seen many of them being reposted on Instagram and while I have … Continue reading 13 More Pictures of the New “Amityville Horror” House


Pictures of New “Amityville Horror” House

Last week, a little bird told me that there was some kind of construction going on at El Dorado Park, which just happens to be part of my BSR (Big Sunday Run) route. The park, literally 2 miles from home is huge, divided into two parts, and takes up a good portion of my run. … Continue reading Pictures of New “Amityville Horror” House

The Mind of An Artist

I draw. I take photos. I write. For all intents and purposes, I am an artist. I see things differently. I will be the one people stare at as I take a photo of something they can’t immediately understand, like a hideous doll at the thrift shop complete with sparkly rainbow Hammer pants. I find … Continue reading The Mind of An Artist

Throwback Thursday: Hollywood

You know, just me and Ann standing atop historic CBS Columbia Square in the mid- to late ‘90s. So much to say about this picture, like: Ann and I were both a little…heavier then. She is most definitely NOT taller than me -- she was standing on a box. Capitol Records is on the left. … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Hollywood

Wordless Wednesday: Mice

Outside the Disneyland Hotel, where we will be staycationing this June.