Throwback Thursday: Hollywood

You know, just me and Ann standing atop historic CBS Columbia Square in the mid- to late ‘90s. So much to say about this picture, like: Ann and I were both a little…heavier then. She is most definitely NOT taller than me -- she was standing on a box. Capitol Records is on the left. … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Hollywood

More From the Ballpark

It had been years since I went to a ballgame so it was definitely a treat to walk through the gates and enter Anaheim Stadium, a place where I spent many a summer day in my youth. The place has gone through a few major changes over the years. When I first starting going in … Continue reading More From the Ballpark

This Post Has No Title

I honestly couldn't think of a title for this entry, so there you go. There was a time, boys and girls, when your old pal Dave here was young and ambitious. No, seriously! I was attending a local community college and working on my AA in Advertising Design but during that time, Ann pointed out … Continue reading This Post Has No Title

Ye Olde Internet

It’s Friday so I thought I’d write a fun entry. How long have you been on the Internet? Me, I’ve been around since about 1994 when I accessed the Web via WebTV. I paid nearly $400 for that thing but as you can imagine, using it became cumbersome and I eventually bought a Packard Bell … Continue reading Ye Olde Internet

Bust A Nut

The whole Washington Mutual ad slogan got me thinking about other dumb or annoying ads from the past. And I think I may have found the crown jewel. Back in the 90s there was a snappy radio jingle for Corn Nuts, in my opinion one of the raunchiest snacks ever invented or consumed by mankind. … Continue reading Bust A Nut