Making Changes

Yeah, I’m alive. Just haven’t had the gumption to blog since my last post in October. That’s not to say things have not been uneventful because they most definitely have, so let’s start. As far as my rotator cuff injury goes, it’s completely healed and no physical therapy was needed. I just followed my doctor’s … Continue reading Making Changes


August 2021

I was waiting to write this post because I had to be absolutely sure that the month was behind us. Because oh, what a month it was. As you might recall in my last post, I had said that I wasn’t quite where I wanted to be mentally. It’s one of those things that I … Continue reading August 2021

Maybe It’s Just Me

From initial thought to final product, a lot of work goes into the creation of an item whether it’s a car or a product in the frozen food section at your local Walmart. And that’s where I saw this...lovely item. These are Aunt Jemima Griddle Melts and as is obvious by the gigantic burst at … Continue reading Maybe It’s Just Me

Blogging 365, Day 52: Arliss and the Enchilada

Anthony mentioned this video to me today because he likes to mess with it and when you see it, you’ll know why. Here’s the setup. This was shot back in 2009 after we finished eating dinner on the patio, a dinner consisting of enchiladas and a few side dishes. We had one enchilada left so … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 52: Arliss and the Enchilada

Blogging 365, Day 42: Not Born Yesterday

Yesterday for lunch, Anthony -- not yet 9 and still very much a kid -- got a Kids Meal from Rubio's Fish Tacos. While they serve food other than the kind that swims, their emphasis is on seafood. (He opted for the chicken taquitos and I don't blame him. Seafood...blecch.) As we were eating, Ann … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 42: Not Born Yesterday