Here’s a list of 10 things I do without really thinking.

  • Without fail, I eat fries before the main course (when I do eat fries).
  • Speaking of fries, I sprinkle salt and pepper on the ketchup rather than the fries.
  • When drinking a bottled beverage with a sticker label, the label’s seam is always facing away from me and running the length of my fingers. Same rule applies to paper cups with seams.
  • I punch out all the thingies on restaurant beverage to-go lids.
  • Although right-handed, I use my left hand to open tightly sealed lids while holding the jar with my right. I’ve tried it the other way around—EPIC FAIL.
  • Footwear: sock-sock; shoe-shoe.
  • Sleep pattern: back, right side, left side, asleep.
  • I always sit in the front car of both trains when going to work. While going home, I sit in the last car.
  • I still park in the employee parking section whenever I go to the Target store I used to work at.

These don’t really fall under idiosyncrasies; they are more or less things about me because, well, I know you’re all dying to know more.

  • I never leave home without eating breakfast. It doesn’t sound that strange, but it’s amazing how many people skip breakfast or have it at the office. Go ahead—ask around!
  • When eating a banana, I always pull the last portion out of the peel. (As a kid I ate a banana that someone had pierced with a needle through the bottom. I bit into the needle and it freaked me out, so I’ve been doing it ever since.)
  • I wear size Q pantyhose. I mean, I’ve worn size Q pantyhose when I’ve had to. (*crickets chirping*) Okay, it was Halloween so I’ve never really had to wear them, but now you know. (*crickets chirping*)
  • I always wear a watch.
  • I seem to wear out my left shoe faster than my right.
  • My left clavicle is shorter than my right. So now, after losing all this weight and I can see them clearly, I notice a freaking flaw. That’s just great!
  • On the subject of left, I can pop my left arm out of its socket without pulling on it. I just use my arm muscles and there it goes. I’m beginning to think there’s something seriously wrong with the left side of my body.

So what do you do/what the hell is wrong with you?