Virgin Mobile Survey: Upgraded Customer Service?

As you can probably guess, I love my Virgin Mobile Optimus V phone. And despite its problems I can’t tell people enough about it.

I got another survey from Virgin Mobile today and it only centered around thing: upgraded service. The gist of it was that if I would be willing to pay extra for the following (with my answer highlighted):


For me, it’s just not worth paying extra for any of that considering I’ve only called their Customer Service line a few times, both for billing issues which were eventually resolved. About the only thing I would want would be people who actually understand the problem, which seemed to be a big problem on the times I did call.

The other issue was trying to get through in general. The lines are always busy and it’s extremely frustrating after a while. But even so, it’s not anything I would be willing to pay an extra $5/mo. for, especially when my bill is only $25/mo. to begin with. Regardless, here’s the order of importance I placed the services:


That said, the next question was if I would be willing to pay an extra $2/mo. for the same features. There’s a possibility I would but again, I don’t call enough to warrant even spending such a small amount.

And I recently discovered a cool Shortcut to place on your Home Screen: Directions & Navigation. I commute 20 miles to work each way and at times the freeway can be rather crowded so finding an alternate route in unfamiliar territory comes in handy. While I already had my work address saved and always punched it in after I opened the Navigation app, it still took time to load everything.

With a Directions & Navigation shortcut, you enter your destination and it will be saved on your Home Screen so whenever you go there (in my case, Work), you just press the Shortcut and the app will open up with directions to that destination. It saves a bunch of time.

Well, that’s all the Virgin Mobile news I have for now – until the next survey… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Virgin Mobile Survey: Upgraded Customer Service?

  1. Hey Dave,
    Yes, I wouldn’t pay a penny extra for customer service. Most answers are easily found on the internet. I don’t believe the call center is in the USA. They speak perfect English but I notice when I have called they recite lines or scripts which is very annoying.
    Of course, I am probably the lowest price point customer they have so it wouldn’t make sense to pay extra to begin with. I still enjoy my phone a lot, too. I have read many people on forums complain of battery life, but all the smartphones have the same issue. I think people need to do their own research to make a well informed purchase and avoid regret.
    The only thing I have learned that I didn’t find reading the forums and watching youtube is the issue of phone memory being so tiny and the limitations that brings such as not being able to download every application you like and keeping it. I thought buying the microsd card was going to avoid all that, but it doesn’t.
    Anyways, I still recommend the phone too. Cheers! 🙂


    1. Nope, me either! And no, the extra memory doesn’t help one bit. I still find myself deleting apps that I wish I could keep but usually decide on the ones I use regularly and keep them instead.


  2. Nothing like paying extra for the type of service that should be standard, which all of those “upgrades” should be (except maybe 24/7 support). But then that would be taking money out of the cash-strapped Virgin higher-ups’ pockets, and we know how badly they need the money.


    1. I sort of think their current service was intentionally meant to be horrible so that people would willingly pay for “upgraded” service. It’s downright horrible.

      And when it comes to guys who don’t need the money and those that do, I immediately think of this scene from “Dreams with Sharp Teeth”:

      “What is Warner Bros.? Out with an eyepatch and a tin cup on the street? Fuck no!”

      Harlan Ellison is God.


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