The Mobile Page


See that new Mobile page tab at the top? I’ve added that as a kind of Welcome page for whomever happens to scan the QR code you see on this post.

What I did was make said QR code my profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, etc. so whenever I post a comment somewhere and someone clicks on my name and sees my (sometimes private) profile, they will see a larger version as my picture. And if they are curious and geeky enough, they will scan it with their smartphone (as you most likely will) and get a short bio and links to the Mobile pages on both of my blogs.

It’s kind of a way to track how much traffic I get from those who have seen it and gone through the trouble of clicking and entering the password which is included in the bio.

Curious? Give it a shot and leave a comment on the Mobile page. Note that, despite your trouble, there will be no prizes for posting your comment.

At least not yet…