Blogging 365, Day 29: Fair Warning

This is a head’s up to all drivers in the southern California area. I took this picture of Anthony at the L.A. Auto Show a few months ago and thought I’d pass it along because in 8 short years, this is the face you could see in your rearview mirror: Hey, just letting you know…

Blogging 365, Day 13: Language Barrier

I drove a Ford Fusion for a few years and got so used to everything in it that I’m still having difficulty adjusting to my made-in-Korea Kia Rio that I bought about a year ago. I had to get used to manual windows, manual door locks, manual mirrors. It’s been quite a transition. One of … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 13: Language Barrier

Copy That

I tend to consider myself a multi-tasker in that I can do many different things but not necessarily all at the same time. And if you know me just from what I write about here, you may be somewhat surprised with what it is I can do without any difficulty. For example, did you know … Continue reading Copy That

Mozart’s Fist

Inspired by the typo in this article that appeared in the Daily Mail, Mozart’s Fist is my new band name.

This Kid Knows How to Par-TAY!

As seen at a local grocery store. It's one of those little kiddie shopping carts with the pole and banner attached, the banner reading "Shopper in Training." The contents of this cart: a bottle of Korbel champagne, a bottle of Smirnoff behind that, and a bag of what appears to be lemons. Let's just hope … Continue reading This Kid Knows How to Par-TAY!