It’s Only A Little Rain

The family ventured out this morning as we normally do each Saturday and for the most part our Saturdays are uneventful. But today? Hmm. Our first stop was PetSmart where we had to pick up some bags of vittles for the cats and one smelly dog. Not a whole lot going on there. We also … Continue reading It’s Only A Little Rain

A Summer That Won’t Suck, Outing 2

Happy Friday! It was most definitely a happy one for me since I used one of my paid Summer Days to extend my Father’s Day/anniversary weekend by one day. And yes, it was worth it. Today’s adventure took us someplace we had been just a month prior but because Ann wanted a pair of sandals … Continue reading A Summer That Won’t Suck, Outing 2

EXCLUSIVE: UFO Seen Over Southern California?

LOS ANGELES, CA – After six straight days of precipitation that ranged from a light drizzle to a torrential downpour, southern California residents were left with one more thing to worry about besides flooded streets and potential mudslides: a possible UFO. A bright, orb-shaped object appeared between a break in the thick, dark clouds on … Continue reading EXCLUSIVE: UFO Seen Over Southern California?

Doing for Others

    Let's face it: things have been pretty crappy on the job front for a long time now. And aside from doing the acting thing now and then, something I chose to do just to put a smile on my face (and the extra money helps) , there's been little else to celebrate. It's … Continue reading Doing for Others

Rain and Flooding: Phone Cam Evidence

This was my trip home after picking up Anthony from school. By the time I left the truck, picked him up and returned, we were both drenched to the bone. I'm not saying it was bad but we've had several advisories: tornado, high surf, etc. It was so bad that all the manhole covers were … Continue reading Rain and Flooding: Phone Cam Evidence