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Let’s face it: things have been pretty crappy on the job front for a long time now.

And aside from doing the acting thing now and then, something I chose to do just to put a smile on my face (and the extra money helps) , there’s been little else to celebrate. It’s just been that kind of year.

So rather than sit and sulk about it even more, I’ve decided that if employers don’t want to do anything for me in order to help me out, I’m going to do something in October that will help bring a smile to the faces of others.

Riding my bike in the Long Beach Marathon was something I had planned on doing a long time ago but like my attempt to run the Disneyland 5k, it never came to fruition. The reason for not running was simple: unlike the treadmill and despite losing 100 pounds, concrete does not play well with my knees. It’s a lethal combination.

That leaves the Marathon which I have decided I will definitely participate in this time. I’ll be 26.2 miles riding around the street of Long Beach starting at 6 am and while I’m definitely ready for it, here’s what’ll be different.

Rather than just doing it for fun or to prove to myself that I’m no longer carrying around the weight of my son plus another 30 pounds, I’ve decided that I will ride in order to raise funds for the Special Olympics of Southern California (SOSC).

If you’ve ever seen the faces of kids who participate in the Special Olympics, I think you’d agree that they have a great time participating in the event. It helps them tremendously both physically and psychologically.

But these events can’t continue without monetary support, and that’s where I’ll be helping out. I have set a goal of raising $500 for the cause and you can contribute by clicking on this link. I know times are tough but you can help me get there by donating any amount you wish–every little bit helps out these fantastic athletes.

I figure that if employers don’t want to send me a little happiness by offering me a job, then I might as well spread a little bit of my own. Yes, people, I’m doing something charitable for those who need the money even more than I do.

Consider me humbled–and honored to do my part.

Now go and do yours 🙂


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    1. Thanks! I’m actually working a temporary job for the next 4-6 weeks and went to an interview a few days ago, of which I hope to hear some good news very soon. If not, the temp job could lead to permanent part-time so I can still work the TV shows on my days off.


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