EXCLUSIVE: UFO Seen Over Southern California?

cdef2LOS ANGELES, CA – After six straight days of precipitation that ranged from a light drizzle to a torrential downpour, southern California residents were left with one more thing to worry about besides flooded streets and potential mudslides: a possible UFO.

A bright, orb-shaped object appeared between a break in the thick, dark clouds on Wednesday and was seen all over the southland, prompting many residents to ponder its significance. While some were quick to dismiss the object as swamp gas, others were of the opinion that it could be something more sinister—or a sign from the heavens.

After briefly filling the sky with its radiant light, it quickly disappeared and the rain continued to douse the area. Residents we talked to described what they saw.

“I was, like, wow,” said a local high school student who stopped texting long enough to tell us her account. “I tried to take a picture of it but by the time I had my camera ready, it was gone. It was a total UFO. Wow.”

At Our Lady of Perpetual Motion Catholic Church in Redlands, parishioners gathered, prayed and discussed what they had seen. Many are already preparing for the worst.

“I think it’s a sign from God,” said Alicia Hernandez, a worshiper at the church for over 40 years. “Who knows what it means. With Christmas a few days away, I definitely think it’s a sign.”

“Big and bright” is how Hernandez and many other residents described the orb. Based on those descriptions, here is an artist’s sketch of how it may have looked:


Local scientist Stuart Sellers could not confirm or deny that the object was foreign in nature but concluded that “we haven’t seen something like this in a while.” Concerned for the public’s safety, Sellers along with other scientists have devised a list of things you shouldn’t do if the mysterious orb returns to the sky:

  • DO NOT stare into it. While unsure of its composition, scientists worry that staring at the orb could lead to blindness.
  • DO NOT take photos of the orb. It’s just too bright and will melt your iPhone from the inside out.
  • WEAR protective eyewear when you see it next.
  • DO NOT try to shoot the object. The distance cannot be determined and bullets eventually return to earth.
  • DO NOT TAUNT the orb. It could get mad.

“We just want to make sure everybody is prepared and knows what to do,” said Sellers.

“And may God help us all…”

Stay tuned for updates.