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Even if I don’t plan to write a post or have comments awaiting moderation, I often login to WordPress to check out my blog stats.

Part of the fun is checking to see which terms people searched for in Google, which ultimately lead them to my blog. There are the usual “normal” queries mixed in among the terms but lately I’ve noticed some that have been rather…well, you decide.

Here’s a list of some recent and interesting (but not most popular) terms with each term linked to the blog post related to it. Note that most of these terms may already be linked under the Popular Posts widget to the right:

“1-31-07 never forget”: As of this post, that page has the most hits ever (716 views, thanks in part to Fark). It seems people can’t get enough of that story and continue to search for information about it.

rock band add ons (or any variation of those words)”: It’s obvious this game is still popular as that term is still ranked in my daily blog stats. Sure, my post was just an April Fool’s Day joke but hey, people know what they like.

steve perry 2008“: Even in 2008, there’s something about this guy that knocks people off their feet. La do da do day…la doo daaa-aaa-aaa do daaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!

bust a nut, corn nuts jingle/commercial, etc.”: Evidently, people also like busting nuts as these terms have been some of the most popular since I first posted the entry. You people are nuts.

vw sign then drive actor“: Don’t ask me anymore. I have no idea who he is.

holographic meatloaf“: No, you can’t have this domain. Not yours.

And there are some terms that I’d just rather not know more about, such as:

headphones on while driving“: Ironically, the post attached to that search term has nothing to do with driving while wearing headphones. It’s actually my rant about the day my headphones got stuck in the door of the train on a post entitled “This Beats Driving?”

in memory of stickers/decals“: Hopefully nobody took offense to my rant about how ridiculous those stickers are. Not really; I really hope it pissed them off.

And the winner thus far:

what does a guys dick look like“: C’mon now, people! Wouldn’t it be easier to Google “penis” instead? And because guys have weeners and know full well what they look like, it’s safe to assume that the person searching this term (and found my blog) was female.

Really, lady! Have you no shame?

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